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Green Ion Battery World is dedicated to provide helpful information regarding the use of rechargeable batteries and chargers, to increase their use and to contribute in a small way to have more sustainable future for the planet. We are a business that believes in the responsible use of the various forms of energy.

Green Ion Battery World is a highly knowledgeable battery partner through the years. To date, we have fast emerging number of branches around Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao. Our products are sold to commercial, retail, industrial and private entities through our independent sales and marketing distributors nationwide. We also market our products online through global presence in cyber markets. It’s an important combination of our people, guiding principles and positive attitude, which form our unique opportunity. Our core activity is the development of individuals to be sales professionals and the development of high performance sales teams.

Our success and expansion as a business is due to the fact that our business is a people empowering business. We are entirely committed to deliver results! Our policy is to find performance driven individuals who place the highest value on customer service and long term relationships and to empower these individuals to grow within our organization.



Green Ion Battery World, strive to become the top Battery Business organization of the 21st century leading the latest batteries available in the market. Green Ion Battery World Worked diligently to provide quality and innovative services while maintaining cost effective business solutions to help maximize efficiency and productivity that gives the organization time to concentrate on what matters most. Implementing innovative processes into organization, driving performance improvements.  We formulate effective processes that help improve revenue, cash flow, and capital utilization as well as maximizing customer satisfaction.


To bring the latest batteries and chargers in the Philippines that will equip consumers on the increasing demands in productivity through technology. To provide the organization with the highest quality, cost effective business solutions that helps the business in maximizing efficiency and productivity, giving the organization time to concentrate on what matters most. Focusing on Operation Excellence not just cost reduction, but driving business performance improvements across the board.  Processes which help improve revenue, cash flow, and capital utilization as well as maximizing customer satisfaction; we aim to enhance the organizations competitive advantage.  We are here to serve you


about us corporate values


Partnership and Solidarity

Observing Respect and Honesty

Win-Win and Positive Mindset

Encouraging Thru Empowering

Reliable and Pro-Active